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The Perfect Pizza

It’s not surprising that pizza ranks among the 10 most ordered restaurant dishes.1 This infographic offers a reminder of the cheeses (and other valuable ingredients) used to create savoury and appealing pizzas.

The secret

is all about the quality of the cheese, sauce and toppings - not the quantity!


The Favourites2

Our pre-shredded formats speed up prep time and help reduce labour costs.

Increasingly Popular3

These cheeses add a fresh touch to any pizza.

A Trend That’s Here To Stay4

For a smoke flavour that continues to grow in popularity.

Unique Twists

These cheeses are available in ready-to-use formats.5

Lactose-free Cheeses

To Meet The Needs Of A Diverse Clientele.

Plant-based Options

Plant-based pizza is on the rise! It’s one of the most popular dishes among vegan consumers.6



By tweaking the sauce—or leaving it out altogether—you can enhance or reinvent any pizza. It’s all about simplifying kitchen preparation.


Thin Crust9

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this crust is made out of elastic pizza dough resistant to tearing.

Thick Crust10

Thick and tender, this crust is made out of dough with lower gluten content.

Stuffed Crust

Our pre-cut frozen cheese sticks simplify preparation and prevent waste.

Seasoned Crust

Before baking, sprinkle the crust with these pre-shredded cheeses:

Vegetable Crust11

Perfect for consumers looking for low-gluten options.

  • Cauliflower
  • Sweet Potato
  • Beet

This wide range of ingredients provides endless flavour combinations and pizza inspirations! Contact your local representative to get more information on the cheeses, sauces, toppings, flours and frozen pizza dough balls best suited to your needs.

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