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Mozzarella with Smoke Flavour

Format Product Code
Saputo Mozzarella with Smoke Flavour 4 x 2,4 KG Block 441177
With its buttery flavour and golden melt, our Mozzarella cheese's smoky flavour makes it a one-of-a-kind cooking cheese for a wide range of dishes.
Available Brands

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Smoked Gouda Cheese

Gouda with Smoked Flavour

Our Gouda with Smoked Flavour cheese has a smoky, creamy, light yellow or even light beige interior. Its texture is firm but slightly elastic, and its body is sometimes lined with irregular openings known as eyes.

Caciocavallo Smoked Flavour

Caciocavallo Smoke Flavoured

Our pear-shaped cheese has a cream to yellowish interior and features a mild and buttery flavour with a delicious aroma of smoked wood.