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A practical guide to goat cheese

Thanks to its versatility, goat cheese can enhance the flavour of all types of dishes - pizzas, poutines, cheesecakes and so much more. Get inspired by this practical guide to goat cheese and start incorporating this ingredient into your menu!

The benefits of mobile kitchens

Mobile kitchens are becoming increasingly popular: concession stands, food trucks, food stands… When it comes to this type of business, restaurants are constantly developing innovative concepts. Discover how to adapt your menu to this trend and benefit from its numerous advantages.

Foodservice trends in 2022: are you all set?

Our foodservice experts have identified the top trends for the coming year so you can take your menu to the next level in 2022.

5 tips on how to adapt to the labour shortage

How can restaurants cope with the labour shortage? Discover tips and tricks on how to adapt your menu, service, and operations to a smaller workforce.

Elevate your poutine offering with specialty cheeses

With the right cheese, poutine can be remixed into a signature dish that keeps customers coming back for more. Take a look at how specialty cheeses perform on poutine and how they can help you stand out.