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Meatless or Lactose-Free Pizzas: Adapt Your Menu for a Diverse Clientele

Discover ways to add meatless or lactose-free pizza options to your menu and reasons why they are so important! Chef Vadacchino shares ideas, tips and tricks for creating unique combinations that can please a diverse clientele.

5 Trendy Pizza Crusts

According to Technomic's 2021 Canadian Pizza Consumer Trend Report, consumers say the quality of the crust is the most important component of a great pizza! These 5 popular pizza crusts can add variety to your menu and help meet consumers’ demands.

Chef’s tips: Neapolitan-inspired pizzas

Chef Beall proves that it’s possible to put your own spin on a classic with three creative pizzas inspired by traditional Neapolitan flavours.

The Perfect Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in Canada. Explore key ingredients and trendy cheeses that allow pizzaiolos to stand out.

Popular picks: the best pizza cheeses in Canada

Letting customers personalize their pizzas with different cheeses is a great way to stand out and spotlight quality ingredients. Let’s take a look at the best pizza cheeses in the country according to popularity!