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Washed Rind Cheeses

Washed rind cheeses require a longer ripening process which helps them develop their rich, strong taste and smell. Available in soft and semi-firm varieties.

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Surface-ripened with a washed rind, our firm cheese distinguishes itself with its fruity flavour reminiscent of fresh apples.

Cantonnier Pepper

Covered in a washed black pepper rind, our firm surface-ripened cheese has a full-bodied, spicy aroma.

Cantonnier Smoked Flavour

Cheese with an amber-coloured washed rind, delicately smoked. Its homogeneous, cream-coloured body melts in your mouth.

La Sauvagine

With its supple washed-rind that ripens from the outside in, La Sauvagine is a soft surface-ripened cheese with a rustic, buttery taste and melty mouth-feel.

La Sauvagine Reserve

La Sauvagine Reserve soft surface-ripened cheese is heightened by the addition of fresh cream. Its texture exceeds the exquisite, with a delicate rind revealing an enchanting rustic flavour.

La Tentation de Laurier

Our lactic soft surface-ripened cheese is whipped with fresh cream. Offering a soft texture and a slightly acidic aftertaste, it becomes smooth and spreadable as it ripens, bringing out a pronounced butter flavour.

Le Saint-Raymond

Covered in an orange, moist rind, our soft surface-ripened cheese has a nutty, fruity taste and a supple body that melts in the mouth.

Maître Jules

Smooth, runny texture and a slightly acidic milk taste that melts into a spicy hint of honey. When young, our Maître Jules has the fragrance of fresh bread that evolves into a more pungent smell as the cheese ages.

Petit rubis

Our Petit Rubis has a washed rind that develops with age. The red edible casein stamp denotes its authenticity. Young, its subtle taste offers hints of fresh bread. Fully ripened, its taste is rich, typical of mountain cheeses.


Fruity and well-balanced, our firm surface-ripened cheese has a delicate taste and a buttery aroma.

Sir Laurier d'Arthabaska

Featuring a red, wrinkled rind, our creamy light beige soft surface-ripened cheese exudes a strong aroma and a full-bodied flavour that melts in the mouth.


Our firm surface-ripened cheese is covered in a washed, orange-tinted rind. Its tangy, tender taste, full aroma and fruity flavour resembles an apple on the verge of fermentation.

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