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Cantonnier Smoked Flavour

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Sélection Alexis de Portneuf Cantonnier Smoked Flavour 1 x 2,08 KG Log 41528
Cheese with an amber-coloured washed rind, delicately smoked. Its homogeneous, cream-coloured body melts in your mouth.
Pasteurized milk, salt, calcium chloride, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme, natural smoke flavour.
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Distinguished by its soft white seashell-textured rind that wrinkles and tans as it ripens, our soft surface-ripened cheese becomes smooth and runny as it ages. With age, it develops a brioche aroma, with a delicate smell of hay, leaving a slightly spicy note of flower honey in the mouth.

La Tentation de Laurier

Our lactic soft surface-ripened cheese is whipped with fresh cream. Offering a soft texture and a slightly acidic aftertaste, it becomes smooth and spreadable as it ripens, bringing out a pronounced butter flavour.


Surface-ripened with a washed rind, our firm cheese distinguishes itself with its fruity flavour reminiscent of fresh apples.