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We make a range of feta cheese using cow, goat and sheep milk. Firm and salty, these cheeses taste great on flat breads, pizzas, salads, and omelettes alike.

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Cow Milk Feta Cheese

Fresh yet salty and with a slightly tangy taste, our Feta cheese's soft and crumbly texture makes it perfect for many culinary creations.

Goat Milk Feta Cheese

Formed, cut, and brined, our goat Feta is made with fresh Canadian goat milk for an authentic Mediterranean taste.

Mixed Milk Feta Cheese

For those who prefer the milder taste of cow milk with a twist of goat milk, or goat milk with a twist of sheep milk, we've got just the Feta for you! Our mixed milk Feta cheeses offer a fresh-tasting and slightly tangy taste.

Flavoured Feta

A hint of herbs and spices to add unique flavour to our Feta cheese.


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