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Light Parmesan Angel Hair Shred

Product Type and Case Format Format Product Code
Saputo Parmesan Light Angel Hair Shred 4 x 2,5 KG Shredded 487281
Saputo Parmesan Light Angel Hair Shred 2 x 1 KG Shredded 487264
Our light Parmesan Angel Hair shred has a flavour that is both crisp and slightly savoury.
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Light Parmesan Cheese

Light Parmesan

Our light Parmesan cheese has a rich, salty flavour. Its perfumed aroma is spicy without overwhelming the palate. It features a texture that is hard and crisp.

Parmesan Cheese 30 MF

Parmesan 30% M.F.

Off-white to cream coloured, our hard Parmesan cheese has an acidic, sharp flavour typical of aged Parmesan cheese.

Light Parmesan Cheese Halal Shred

Light Parmesan Halal Shred

Shredded and packed in a convenient format for easy handling, the sharp flavour of Light Parmesan cheese is perfect for many foodservice applications.