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Meatless or Lactose-Free Pizzas: Adapt Your Menu for a Diverse Clientele


Wondering why meatless or lactose-free pizza options are so important? See how expert pizzaioli like Chef Vadacchino innovate to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

Meatless Pizzas

The growing demand for meatless pizza options is more than just a fad. Nearly one in five Canadians adopts a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.1 Since pizza is one of the most popular veggie or plant-based foods,2 now is the perfect time to add meatless options to your menu.

What are the best cheeses for vegetarian pizzas?

Chef Vadacchino's recommendations rank among the most popular pizza cheeses and could be safe bets for your vegetarian recipes.3

  • 20% Pizza Mozzarella Shred:
    With its distinctive flavour profile and excellent stretchability, our 20% Pizza Mozzarella cheese shred is the undisputed choice for pizza! It pairs well with all kinds of vegetables such as mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes or eggplant. Its texture firms up quickly without losing its elasticity, allowing all toppings to stay in place and making this the cheese of choice for takeaway or delivery orders.

  • Fior di Latte:
    Fior di Latte cheese was specifically formulated for high-temperature ovens. This cheese melts quickly and evenly for a decadent finish that is sure to enhance any pizza recipe, such as the classic pizza Margherita. It can be torn by hand rather than sliced to better retain its moisture.

  • Bocconcini:
    Bocconcini cheese has stood out on pizza menus in recent years.4 This practical cheese is available in several formats and sizes to meet the needs of chefs. Those who wish to add texture and freshness to their pizza will appreciate the fact that Bocconcini cheese holds its shape in high heat. It can also be added after cooking (Bocconcini cheese pearls are ideally suited for this use).

  • Feta:
    Feta cheese and vegetarian pizzas create an undeniable Greek-inspired duo. Available pre-crumbled to simplify prep in the kitchen.



Add feta cheese at the end of cooking to preserve its character, for example, on a base of vegetables such as arugula, grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers or onions.

  • Soft Fresh Goat Cheese Crumbles:
    The versatility of goat cheese makes it a star ingredient in many pizza recipes and an increasingly popular choice on the menu.5 The freshness and creaminess of our Soft Fresh Goat cheese enhances the taste and texture of spicy, sweet-salty and even international flavour inspirations—all of which are current consumer trends.6

What is the best plant-based product for vegan pizzas?

Our Plant-Based Mozzarella Flavoured Shred allows you to prepare different pizzas without limiting your creativity. Simply add vegetables, legumes or nuts for enhanced consistency and texture. Enhance your recipes by integrating other vegan toppings like plant-based pepperoni. Ask your local representative for more information on our products.


Simplicity is key to designing winning vegan options. Prioritize quality over quantity when selecting your toppings.

What about vegetables?

Vegetables take center stage on veggie and vegan pizzas. Operators can create an endless array of options at different price-points depending on their choice of vegetables:

  • Original vegetable choices such as grilled eggplant, asparagus, portobello mushrooms and zucchini offer unexpected contrasting flavours.

  • Colourful vegetables such as tomatoes, jalapeño peppers or green peppers create an appetizing visual effect.

  • Local vegetables: 48% of consumers value local vegetables.7


Vegetarian and vegan pizzas often contain waterlogged vegetables. Sprinkle your pizzas with light Parmesan Angel Hair shred (or any other cheese in this format) to absorb excess moisture and prevent the crust from softening. To help vegetables maintain their vibrant colours, blanch them in salted water before using them as toppings

Lactose-Free Pizzas

Over 7 million Canadians are lactose intolerant.8 As pizza is one of the most popular lactose-free dishes, pizzerias would definitely benefit from using lactose-free cheeses in their recipes to attract this sizable clientele.9

Did you know that depending on their manufacturing and aging process, some cheeses do not actually contain lactose? This natural property deserves to be mentioned to your customers!

Which cheeses are naturally lactose-free?

  • Angel Hair Swiss Shred:
    This cheese is rich in flavour and browns well in the oven, making it a perfect pizza topping.

  • Grana Padano Shred:
    One of the most popular pizza cheeses,10 Grana Padano highlights the taste of earthy vegetables such as mushrooms and tomatoes.

  • Parmigiano Reggiano:
    This "King of Cheese" is a unanimous favourite for pizza.11 Its rich nutty taste adds a unique flavour to all pizzas.



Opt for frozen pizza dough balls to avoid traces of lactose in your homemade pizza dough through cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Ready to add new meatless or lactose-free pizza options to your menu? Make sure your customers know about these options! Actively promote them on your website and social media.

Your local representative is happy to answer your questions and advise you on the products you need to make meatless or lactose-free pizzas that meet your customers’ demands.

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