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5 classic cheeses to rediscover

They’re called classics for a reason! The cheeses in this article can be revisited and remixed infinitely to match modern tastes. Find out how chefs use them in exciting new ways to update their menu while keeping it aligned with top foodservice trends!

Extra old Cheddar cheese: the chameleon

Available in white and yellow varieties, extra old Cheddar cheese has a rich hazelnut flavour, buttery aroma, and balanced saltiness. Because it’s aged, its profile is sharper and perfect for giving your dishes an added kick. Since it pairs well with fruits, you can always consider adding a sweet note to your recipe alongside extra old Cheddar cheese.


Chef Chris Beall

Extra old Cheddar cheese can match the most unlikely combinations, yet it makes for incredible dishes. This versatile cheese can add bold flavours to just about any sandwich, grilled cheese, or burger made of meat or fish. The cheese’s sharp hazelnut flavour perfectly complements pasta salads, sauces, soups, and even apple pies while adding complexity to calzones! On a cheese platter, extra old Cheddar cheese pairs particularly well with apples, pears, grapes, and crusty fresh bread.

Havarti cheese: simple or flavoured – the choice is yours

Havarti cheese is where smooth, buttery flavours and creamy texture collide. This cheese has a slightly sharp taste that becomes stronger over time and is available in different flavours and formats.

Our flavoured Havarti cheese varieties – with fine herbs or jalapeño – are great for saving on preparation time since they're already seasoned. Simply add a few slices to one of your classic burger recipes to ramp up the flavour and add a savoury twist.

Chef Chris Beall


Classic Havarti cheese is a beautiful flavour booster! Being slightly sweet, Havarti cheese is great alongside subtler flavours that let the cheese come through, like in this Tangy Dill Fish Burger inspiration! Melted Havarti cheese, bacon and eggs also make for a deliciously simple breakfast sandwich. You can even add maple syrup to create a sweet-and-salty mix without overpowering the cheese!

Pizza Mozzarella Smoke Flavoured cheese instantly adds depth

Pizza Mozzarella Smoke Flavoured cheese has a buttery flavour and a great, golden melt. This cheese pairs well with many ingredients and, according to Chef Beall, is perfect for giving a comforting kick to lunch or breakfast classics like tomatoes, ham, and cured meats.

If you want to add depth and complexity to classic dishes, Pizza Mozzarella Smoke Flavoured cheese is the way to go: you could reinvent any item on your menu, like this corn dog inspiration featuring chorizo, roasted bell peppers, and this melty cheese for a smoky take on a classic finger food. Try it in pasta, pizza, meatloaf, burgers, sandwiches, and chicken Parmesan for an interesting twist!


Chef Chris Beall


Our calzone inspiration with Pizza Mozzarella Smoke Flavoured cheese checks every box. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it expertly combines complementary flavours like sugar, lime, cumin, cinnamon, and ginger, with a smoky finish for a delightful depth.

Colby cheese: a friend to sweet and salty dishes

Colby cheese has a sweet, nutty flavour with a smooth texture. Thanks to its milder taste, it’s a fantastic base for sweet and salty combos and complements meat nicely.

For lunch or dinner, you could use it in classic dishes like a simple cheeseburger – its iconic orange colour and melty profile will add excellent visual appeal! On a charcuterie board, Colby cheese goes well with the sweetness of pears and the crispness of apples. In sweet and salty recipes, the mild flavour of red peppers, tomatoes and cinnamon combined with Colby cheese is a delight for the senses! Create even more surprising dishes by serving it together with sharp and sour flavours, such as that of rye bread!

Chef Scott Brown


Colby cheese is perfect for experimenting with bolder combos, like this cheesy three-mushroom gyro inspiration. According to Chef Brown, customers will love how the cheese elevates the earthiness of the mushrooms, creating an even more indulgent dish!

Edam cheese: satisfyingly smooth

Edam cheese is both firm and supple with a smooth, sweet, nutty flavour. If you're thinking about serving a charcuterie board, consider paring it with richer tree fruits like apricots, cherries, and peaches. It also elevates recipes containing roasted or caramelized ingredients such as onions and mushrooms.

According to Chef Beall, Edam cheese is wonderful on pizza, as a supporting ingredient in mac n’ cheese, or in fondue-inspired dishes. Like Cheddar cheese, its flavour becomes more pronounced as it ages.

Chef Scott Brown



Combine two culinary worlds by adding Edam cheese to Middle Eastern kibbeh like in this inspiration. Its sweet notes and smooth texture expertly balance out the spice and crunch of the fried coating!

The cheeses you are most likely familiar with, have more to offer than you realize! Make the most of them by creating new and exciting recipes – and add a surprising twist to your menu.

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