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Spiced kibbeh with edam


Combine two very different – but wonderfully complementary – culinary worlds by remixing Middle Eastern kibbeh with a Canadian twist. This inspiration is all about balance: Edam cheese’s melty mouth-feel pairs well with this dish, while its nutty flavour pops against the bright, floral notes of oregano and mint.

To make the kibbeh, mix your cooked pearl barley, ground beef, cornmeal, extra-virgin olive oil, chopped onions, scallions, jalapeños, and mint leaves with minced garlic, spice, salt and pepper. Place a cube of Edam cheese inside this mix – then roll in coarse cornmeal to form a light coating and deep fry. Serve with minty yogurt sauce on the side for a light, bright complement to its hearty profile.

Chef Scott Brown

Opt for a refreshing and creamy alternative by stuffing the kibbeh balls with Soft Fresh Goat cheese. The tangy taste of this cheese suits this Mideast recipe very well. While kibbeh makes for an irresistible appetizer, it can also be served as the star ingredient in a salad, bowl, or pita. You can even stick a few kibbehs on a skewer to make them a convenient on-the-go option!


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