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Three mushroom gyro melt with colby


Smooth and nutty Colby cheese is the perfect balancing ingredient for earthy mushrooms, tangy Za’atar herbs, and garlic. Tossing the portobello, button, and oyster mushrooms in soy and vegan Worcestershire sauce – then roasting them with onions – creates a complex base flavour that is perfectly at home inside a toasted pita, sprinkled with Za’atar. Brighten things up with an herby garlic sauce and tie it all together with Colby cheese: its soft profile is a great counterbalance for the mushrooms’ texture. Finally, lightly broil and fold the gyro into a half-moon shape, wrap it in paper for transport, and you’ve got a perfectly portable lunch menu item.

Chef Scott Brown

Toss the mushroom blend with sautéed spinach, bacon, and scrambled eggs to transform this gyro into a breakfast delicacy, or serve it flat instead of folded up to create a pita “pizza.”


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