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Format Product Code
Saputo Edam 4 x 4,75 KG Block 8326
Armstrong Edam 4 x 2,25 KG Block 805418
Our pressed Edam cheese is both hard and supple with a smooth, sweet and nutty flavour.
Available Brands

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Mild Yellow Cheddar Cheese

Mild Yellow Cheddar

Our firm yellow cheeses share a smooth surface and slightly elastic texture with a mild flavour profile, a light hazelnut taste and a buttery aroma. Available in foodservice friendly formats including slices and blocks.

Brick Cheese

Brick Cheese

Slightly milder than Cheddar cheese, our brick cheese has a light, sweet flavour with buttery accents. Its white body has small irregular openings and an elastic texture.

Gouda Cheese


Rindless cream to light-yellow or light-beige inside, our Gouda cheese has a firm, consistent and compact texture that is slightly elastic and a creamy flavour with almond notes.