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Calzone with Pizza Mozzarella Smoke Flavoured


This calzone inspiration plays on the trendy “sweet heat” flavour profile, bringing traditional American BBQ and classic Italian ingredients together. It’s a great example of how two fairly standard dishes can be combined to create something exciting! On one half of your pizza dough, add tomato jam (tomatoes, sugar, lime juice, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, salt), shredded Pizza Mozzarella cheese with smoke flavour, old white Cheddar cheese shred, pulled pork, green chilies, and roasted bell peppers. Fold it in half, seal the edges, season the exterior, and bake it in a deck oven, pizza oven, or on a pizza stone!

Chef Chris Beall

Make this calzone veggie-friendly by replacing the pulled pork with canned jackfruit: a super-trendy ingredient that has a similar texture to meat when cooked and really takes on the flavour of sauces and spices.


Calzone with Pizza Mozzarella

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