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Loaded sweet potato skins with pizza mozzarella smoke flavoured


Win customers over with pub-style comfort food! This indulgent inspiration features baked sweet potatoes, partly hollowed out, stuffed with black bean chili (beef or vegetarian) and topped with shredded Pizza Mozzarella Smoke Flavoured cheese and roasted jalapeños. The cheese’s smoky profile elevates the spiciness of this inspiration and creates a balance between each ingredient. Garnish with Sriracha sauce, cilantro, a handful of pumpkin seeds and serve with a dip of cooling sour cream to round out this appetizer’s explosion of texture and flavour!

Chef Scott Brown

Using the same toppings, try deep-frying sliced sweet potatoes for an inventive nacho plate, or cut the potatoes into fries to make a smoky loaded poutine.


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