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Product Type and Case Format Format Product Code
Cayer Creamy Havarti 1 x 3,25 KG Block 41519
Saputo Creamy Havarti 20 x 500 G Slices 433165
Armstrong Creamy Havarti 12 x 500 G Slices 410287
Our rindless Havarti cheese has a creamy, sweet, and slightly sharp taste that becomes more pronounced with age.
Available Brands

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Coloured Monterey Jack

Milder than Cheddar cheeses, our Monterey Jack cheese has white to ivory colouring and a soft, supple texture. Buttery and light, it has a sweet, tangy flavour.

Monterey Jack with Jalapeno

Jalapeño adds a spicy, piquant flavour to our Monterey Jack cheese, which has a firm texture and a sweet flavour with buttery accents.

Havarti with Fine Herbs

Our Havarti cheese with Fine Herbs cheese has the same bright surface, cream to yellow colouring, and irregular openings (eyes) as our other Havarti cheeses. Its sharp, buttery taste becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages.