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Elevate your poutine offering with specialty cheeses

Did you know that poutine is the most added appetizer to online orders?1 Given that comfort food has been rising in popularity2, restaurants can capitalize on this trend by offering different poutine formats that go beyond the typical main course.

Since consumers enjoy indulging in “big-ticket meals” when dining at restaurants,3 updating your poutine menu with premium ingredients is a great way to grab their interest. Discover creative ways to level-up this classic dish with specialty cheeses.


Besides being offered as premium add-ons, specialty cheeses can be added to an existing menu item as long as they complement the dish. In addition to traditional cheese curds, incorporating shaved or crumbled specialty cheeses on the bottom, in the middle, or as a topping can create an irresistible poutine.

Using specialty cheeses can take your poutine to the next level 

When it comes to poutine, adding specialty cheeses to the mix is key to creating a unique dish.

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese adds a rich, luxurious quality that’s uniquely tangy and memorable.

Our Soft Fresh Goat cheese crumbles are particularly useful for speeding up preparation times thanks to their convenient format.

Contrasting consistencies make for memorable combos: Soft fresh goat cheese’s tangy flavour and creamy texture pair very well with mild, squeaky cheese curds, like in this decadent barnyard poutine.

Haloumi Cheese

Using grilled or fried Haloumi cheese as a poutine topping is the ultimate textural twist. Our pre-seasoned varieties – featuring Mediterranean or Indian spices – offer a simple way to add international flair to your poutine menu.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese adds a pop of saltiness and texture to any dish. Technomic has it listed among the top fastest-growing poutine ingredients in terms of popularity.4

Bocconcini Cheese Pearls

Quick and easy, bocconcini cheese pearls can be used straight out of the container or breaded and fried until crispy, like in this unique inspiration. Featuring a mild flavour and soft texture, this versatile ingredient pairs well with a wide range of other ingredients you might use in a poutine.

Firm Cheeses

Firm cheese is a broad category that includes many varieties and flavours, such as classic Cheddar, mild Swiss, and zesty Parmesan cheeses. According to Technomic, Parmesan cheese is one of the fastest growing poutine cheeses in terms of popularity!5


In this pizza poutine mashup inspiration, the practical petal format of Parmesan cheese adds unique visual appeal. Simple and effective! Aside from Parmesan, chefs can use a number of shredded cheese varieties for poutine, like Cantonnier cheese. Its effervescent, buttery, and fruity taste is perfect for giving a kick to this comforting menu item.

Using poutine’s versatility to your advantage

As vegan options become increasingly popular6, restaurants can cater to a wide crowd by offering meat-free dishes like poutine: not only does it require just a few ingredients, it’s also quick to prepare. Our Dairy-Free Mozzarella Flavoured Shred offers a great cheese-like experience that’s totally vegan-friendly, so you can use it to start building or adding to your meatless offering!

Poutine is also a great base for trying unusual combos and mashup trends.7 Try repurposing one of your existing signature dishes into a themed poutine, like in this inspiration: an exciting mashup between two well-loved comfort food dishes, nachos and poutine.

Finally, you can pair different specialty cheeses to give your poutines a more decadent twist and charge a little extra per plate. This strategic move will help increase your average bill amount, while creating an exciting offering for diners looking to try new flavours. 

Adding gourmet poutines to your menu is a great way to tap into the comfort food trend, cater to a broader audience, and level-up your recipes with specialty cheeses!


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