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Chicken parmigiana and Bocconcini poutine


Poutine is the perfect canvas for experimenting with flavour. This inspiration features a blend of classic Canadian and Italian ingredients – a comfort food dynamic duo! Instead of gravy, make a rustic tomato sauce by charring chopped tomatoes then blending them with garlic and oregano. Twice-fry French fries for double the indulgence, and fry diced chicken in a blend of breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese for savoury goodness. By topping this poutine with shaved Parmesan cheese and Bocconcini cheese pearls, you can showcase fresh and salty flavours at the same time!

Chef Chris Beall

Cheese is the star of any poutine, so you can level-up your recipe by using two. Bocconcini and Parmesan cheeses is a great duo: the former provides stretch that’s similar to classic curds, and the latter is great for adding nutty, sharp notes. Fior di Latte and Provolone cheese is another delicious pairing!


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