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Bruschetta and fried Bocconcini poutine


This poutine inspiration features a cheesy surprise! Alongside fresh, bright flavours like tomato bruschetta, balsamic, and basil, this dish’s indulgent side is brought out with deep-fried Bocconcini cheese pearls. Coating the pearls in panko crumbs gives it a satisfying crispy crunch – just make sure not to overcook them, or the cheese might leak out. Toss your fries with bruschetta and cheese curds, garnish with the fried pearls, then drizzle classic gravy on top with some fresh chopped basil. For takeout, keep the bruschetta and Bocconcini in separate containers to preserve their textures.

Chef Chris Beall

Take this dish one step further by adding soft fresh goat cheese crumbles or feta cheese on top. Both of these cheeses would bring wonderful depth to the poutine’s flavour profile, and complement the bruschetta’s freshness.


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