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Jicama poutine with Goat Cheese


Reinvent your poutine Mexican-style by using jicama instead of potato, and adding zesty freshness by sprinkling Soft Fresh Goat Cheese crumbles on top. Jicama is a slightly sweet tuber that can be used to make fries: sprinkle it with garlic powder, onion salt, and salt for extra flavour. For your remixed gravy, blend cream, caramelized onions, garlic, and mushrooms with beef stock. Finally, weave a little tradition into the mix by using cheese curds. Delivery tip: since jicama fries can get soggy in transit, leave the gravy on the side.

Chef Chris Beall

Mild, squeaky cheese curds and creamy, tangy Soft Fresh Goat Cheese serve up complementary textures and flavours. You could also make this poutine with Fior di Latte cheese or Bocconcini cheese if you want to double down on creativity.


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