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This cheese is truly unique because it can be grilled while maintaining its shape and texture. It can be sliced, pan-seared and served hot or cold as an accompaniment to appetizers or even on a burger.

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Available in both logs and blocks, our unripened semi-soft cheese doesn't melt, making it the perfect cheese for grilling.

Haloumi with Indian spices

Our unripened, semi-soft cheese offers a fresh taste that's subtly enhanced by Indian spices.

Haloumi with Mediterranean Spices

Enhanced by Mediterranean spices and exotic flavours, our unripened semi-soft cheese offers a fresh, subtle taste.

Halloumi Burger

Firm unripened cheese that is excellent for grilling, because it does not melt. Offered in a convenient 8 patty (sliced) format of 50g. A unique and perfect burger!


Beetroot Veggie Burger