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Coffee shop and bakery menus: 5 tips to boost the average bill

Chef Scott Brown

There are many ways in which coffee shop, delicatessen and bakery owners can increase the average bill. Chef Brown teamed up with our Consumer Market Insights Team to bring you 5 tips on how to encourage customers to choose options that can be sold at a higher price based on their originality, customizability and added value!

Tip #1: Add specialty coffees to the menu

Did you know that coffee is the most popular beverage in Canada?1 Take advantage of this opportunity to propose options that are less homemade friendly and can be offered at a higher price. Showcase your creativity by using various flavours and offer ready-to-use extras like the ever-popular whipped creamand flavoured milk. That way you can encourage clients to swap their usual regular coffee order for a signature coffee.

3 coffee-based inspirations

13 trendy flavours3

  • Spices and Aromatics: Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cardamom, Lavender, Matcha
  • Cherry, Apple, Orange
  • Pecan, Coconut
  • Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate

Tip #2: Offer an all-day coffee-and-breakfast combo during opening hours

Small bites and dishes that can double as breakfast or lunch options are popular in both coffee shops and delicatessens. Indeed, their presence on the menu has increased by 21.3% in the last year. Take advantage of this trend by offering all-day breakfast and increase the average bill by pairing it with a coffee.

3 grab-and-go breakfast inspirations:

Tip #3: Showcase nourishing options

The majority of consumers like to eat nourishing food that’s good for them.6  Adding them to your menu can therefore help boost your sales. Wait times are also a decisive factor when eating out,so it’s a good idea to enhance your offering with options that can be eaten on the go. Get inspired by these in-demand inspirations that can be quickly recreated with ready-to-use cheeses and ingredients:

Tip #4: Enhance your sandwiches with specialty breads

These specialty breads are growing in popularity: focaccia, multigrain, ciabatta, brioche, baguettes and bagels.8

Take advantage of their rising status to personalize your sandwiches without changing the ingredients and cheese. On top of creating a buzz for new options, they can also be sold at a higher price point.

Tip #5: Propose options for a diverse clientele

Nearly 1 in 5 Canadians follow a vegetarian lifestyle,9 and more than 7 million Canadians are intolerant to lactose.10 In addition to offering popular vegetarian, vegan or lactose-free sandwiches options and other dishes, why not add coffees adapted to the needs of a more diverse clientele. Develop specific recipes that highlight these products and try them out with your equipment to ensure a positive client experience.

Discover our lactose-free product offering:

Contact your local Saputo Foodservice representative to help you find plant-based ingredients, cheeses and dairy products that meet the needs of your establishment.

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