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Scrambled Egg Jars with Provolone


Discover a fun new way to serve classic eggs! Start by scrambling the eggs with a little butter, salt, and pepper. Let the mixture cool, then slice into strips. In a pint-sized wide-mouth mason jar, pack the ingredients in the following order: spinach, diced roasted peppers, shredded Provolone cheese, half of the scrambled eggs, a pinch of salt and pepper, olives, cooked bacon strips, diced avocado, and the rest of the eggs. Seal with a lid, and your eggs will be ready to serve onsite or to-go.

Chef Chris Beall

You can work the cost of the jar into the item price, then offer customers a discount if they bring their jar back next time. People are more conscious of the environment these days, and are usually willing to pay more for reusable packaging. You could even add branding to the jars!


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