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Eggs Benedict Burger with Fior di Latte

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It wouldn’t be eggs Benedict without hollandaise sauce! Try adding wine vinegar, cayenne, and sherry to your classic sauce recipe for some extra zest. Since Eggs Benny don’t travel well, spin them into a breakfast sandwich or burger so your customers can still enjoy their brunch favourites. A fresh cheese like Fior di Latte highlights the richness of the hollandaise sauce, and when paired with a breakfast patty made of ground pork, maple syrup, and fennel seeds, it makes for a balanced bite. Assemble the sandwich in this order, with the bun or English muffin on either side: back bacon, patty, cheese, egg, hollandaise, and chopped chives.

Chef Chris Beall

Many restaurants have at least one signature burger on their menu. Converting them into breakfast items is as easy as substituting your bun for an English muffin, croissant, waffles or pancakes, and swapping the burger patty for breakfast sausage or an egg (or both). You can keep all the other toppings as-is, so you’ll be able to make the most of the ingredients you already have.


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