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Friulano, Mascarpone, Parmesan & Chorizo Bake


This cheesy dish inspiration combines all the best parts of a comforting, hearty breakfast. Sauté onion, garlic, chorizo and mushrooms together. Then, fold some rich Mascarpone cheese into the mix – it’s the perfect creamy complement for spicy chorizo. Next, whip some eggs with Friulano and Parmesan cheeses, and add them into the skillet or muffin pan. Friulano cheese brings the nuttiness and Parmesan adds its signature sharpness, creating a combo with tons of depth. Bake everything together, then serve topped with sour cream to tame the chorizo’s spice.

Chef Chris Beall

Cooked in a muffin pan, this dish can be served to order, either as a to-go or onsite bite. It can also be sold as a ready-to-heat meal.


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