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Format Product Code
Saputo Friulano 12 x 700 G Wheel 412002
Saputo Friulano 12 x 500 G Wheel 412004
Often referred to as 'Italian Cheddar,' Friulano cheese is covered in a natural light yellow rind and has a mild, fine flavour that becomes nuttier with age.
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Pear-shaped with a very thin, dry and smooth crust, our Caciocavallo cheese has a cream to yellowish interior and a consistent texture. Its flavour becomes more pronounced as it ages.

Provolone Cheese


Soft, creamy and stretchy in texture, the flavour of our Provolone cheese becomes stronger and tangier with age.

Caciocavallo Smoked Flavour

Caciocavallo Smoke Flavoured

Our pear-shaped cheese has a cream to yellowish interior and features a mild and buttery flavour with a delicious aroma of smoked wood.