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Product Type and Case Format Format Product Code
Saputo Provolone 4 x 4 KG Log 1178
Saputo Provolone 8 x 2 KG Log 1179
Saputo Provolone 2 x 2 KG Log 51071
Saputo Provolone 16 x 252 G Slices 433205
Soft, creamy and stretchy in texture, the flavour of our Provolone cheese becomes stronger and tangier with age.
Available Brands

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Provolone Valpadana Dolce DOP

Provolone Valpadana Dolce DOP

The Provolone Valpadana Dolce DOP is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk and whose origins lie in Southern Italy. Provolone Valpadana is granted DOP designation by the European Union to ensure that cheese is produced under strict supervision using specific methods to guarantee supreme quality.

20 percent Pizza Mozzarella Cheese

20% Pizza Mozzarella

With a full, clean flavour, golden colour, soft texture and exceptional stretch, our 20% M.F. Pizza Mozzarella cheese block offers versatility for all your requirements. It's an exceptional choice for all takeout and delivery menu items.

Provolone Cheese Shred

Provolone Shred

Our shredded Provolone cheese has a slightly fermented, milky taste that can range from mild to sharp and a firm, fibrous texture.