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Peanut Butter Banana Split Shake


This exciting twist on a beloved classic uses dry cottage cheese and Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk for extra protein and a rich, creamy flavour. Simply combine Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk, dry cottage cheese, smooth peanut butter, cocoa powder, banana (preferably frozen), vanilla extract, and ice cubes in a blender and mix until smooth and velvety. Pour into a large glass and top with whipped cream. To serve, sprinkle with a bit of cocoa powder. You can also garnish with a banana slice. This all-day menu item is super quick to make while providing a nutritious shake!

Chef Scott Brown

With their high protein content, Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk and cottage cheese provide the perfect base for a delicious on-the-go shake. Make yours stand out by serving it with a mini peanut butter, chocolate, and banana sandwich. Instead of bread, consider using slices of pound cake for a more indulgent yet healthier dessert or drink offer. For an added morning boost, simply add a shot of chilled espresso.



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