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Strawberry Mint and Edamame Shake


This unique inspiration combines the fruity, slightly acidic tang of strawberries with the cool taste of minted edamame for a sweet and savoury mix that defies traditional flavours. Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk and dry cottage cheese complement the ingredients while providing that rich and creamy texture we all look for in a good shake. First, divide your shake base (Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk, dry cottage cheese, frozen banana, vanilla extract, ice cubes) into two portions. Add fresh strawberries, jam, or puree to one and frozen shelled edamame and fresh mint leaves to the other. Layer each base on top of one another, taking care to alternate the flavours for maximum eye-candy effect. Garnish with whipped cream and a mint leaf.

Chef Scott Brown

With their high protein content, Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk and cottage cheese provide the perfect base for a delicious on-the-go shake. This inspiration can be further enhanced by using premium nutritious ingredients, such as ginger, turmeric, pomegranate, maca root, and green tea extract. You can also garnish with a fresh strawberry, hemp seeds and shelled edamame. The possibilities are truly endless!


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