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Soft Cheeses

Our range of soft cheeses are great inspirations for sauces and must-haves on cheese or charcuterie boards.

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Distinguished by its soft white seashell-textured rind that wrinkles and tans as it ripens, our soft surface-ripened cheese becomes smooth and runny as it ages.

La Tentation de Laurier

Offering the soft texture of whipped cream and a slightly acidic aftertaste, our soft surface ripened cheese becomes smooth and spreadable as it ripens, bringing out a pronounced butter flavour.

Le Bonaparte

Our double cream soft surface-ripened cheese boasts a supple ivory body, a clean rind, and 32% M.F.

Le Triple Crème DuVillage

Boasting an exceptional texture, our soft surface-ripened cheese has a bloomy white rind that becomes mottled with red and orange accents as it ages.