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Bloomy Rind Soft Cheeses

Discover what makes Brie, Camembert, and soft surface-ripened cheeses unique, and learn more about our single, double and triple cream varieties. Our soft cheeses are great for putting a new twist on classic dishes, or rounding out a charcuterie or cheeseboard.

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Ash Covered Cheeses

Our vegetable ash-covered cheeses release fresh mushroom aromas and rich, buttery flavours. Available in two different varieties: Cendré de Lune (200 g) and Pleine Lune (450 g).

Belle Crème

Our triple cream Brie cheese has a smooth texture and a bloomy, mushroom and nut-flavoured rind that becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages.


Our regular Brie cheese has a white, bloomy rind, a supple body, and a slightly fruity taste.

​Soft Ripened Cheese

Our square soft surface ripened cheese has a white, bloomy rind, a supple body, and a slightly fruity taste.

Brie Coco

Our triple cream Brie cheese has a bloomy mushroom and nut-flavoured rind and a touch of wonderful coconut flavour.

Brise du Matin

Featuring a buttery hazelnut taste that becomes more pronounced with age, our double cream Brie cheese has a creamy body that is covered in a smooth, tender rind. 

Double Cream Brie

Firm and light when young, and tender once ripened, our Double Cream Brie cheese enhances its rich, velvety texture with a flavour that resembles mushrooms and hazelnuts.

Double Crème Brie de Portneuf

Our double crème Brie de Portneuf has a white rind, a delicate body and a fresh, nutty aroma.

L'Étoile de Saint-Raymond

The rind of our triple cream Brie cheese is covered in a vegetable ash, which gives it a distinctive profile. It has a taste of warm milk and farm butter, and an earthy forest mushroom aroma.

Lady Laurier d'Arthabaska

Offering a rich, creamy texture that releases subtle notes of flowers and sweet bread, Lady Laurier d'Arthabaska triple cream Brie cheese has a bloomy rind and a touch of vanilla flavour.

Le Brie d'Alexis

Our double cream Brie cheese has a melting body and a fresh nut aroma.


Our triple cream Brie cheese has a rich composition and a smooth texture.

Camembert de Portneuf

Creamy and supple, our Camembert de Portneuf cheese possesses a delicate rind and fragrant, traditional flavour.

Camembert des Camarades

Our Camembert des Camarades cheese has a fresh taste reminiscent of butter, nuts, and almonds.

Le Calendos

Covered in a beautiful white rind, our Camembert cheese gains a fuller flavour and a velvety aroma as it ages.


Our soft surface-ripened double cream cheese becomes smooth and runny as it ages. With age, it develops a brioche aroma, with a delicate smell of hay, leaving a slightly spicy note of flower honey in the mouth.

Le Bonaparte

Our double cream soft surface-ripened cheese boasts a supple ivory body, a clean rind, and 32% milk fat.

Le Triple Crème DuVillage

Our soft surface-ripened triple cream cheese has a bloomy white rind that becomes mottled with red and orange accents as it ages.

Princeville Goat Brie

Our smooth and creamy single cream Goat Brie cheese is made with fresh Canadian goat milk.

Triple Cream Goat Brie

Made from Canadian goat milk and cream, this triple cream Goat Brie cheese is the ultimate buttery indulgence.


Brie Cheese Mac n' Cheese with Italian Sausage