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Elevate the consumer experience with our cheese and beer pairing chart

Just like wine, it’s easy to create tasty beer and cheese pairings that make the dining experience feel more elevated. If you’ve been using specialty cheese to enhance your menu, the right pairings can highlight different varieties and flavours. Consider including local breweries in your tasting flight to show your community some love!

This guide also includes inspiration for cheeseboard arrangements – you can even create a themed package for people to organize an at-home beer and cheese tasting! This is an excellent way to offer an elevated off-premise dining experience. If you want to learn more about crafting the perfect cheeseboard, check out our quick how-to video.
Elevate the consumer experience with our cheese and beer pairing chart

Elevate the consumer experience with our cheese and beer pairing chart


CANTONNIER CHEESE’S fruity, effervescent flavour springs to life when paired with a sour ale, like Berliner Weisse.


The creamy, tangy taste profile of SOFT FRESH GOAT CHEESE is a perfect match for floral, citrusy Witbier.


Create a woodsy combo by pairing rich, nutty
with an earthy, spicy IPA.


Buttery, earthy
cheese goes wonderfully with a full-bodied Belgian Tripel, known for its spicy and citrusy notes.


Go big on decadence: creamy, salty BLEUBRY CHEESE is the ideal match for a full-bodied stout with coffee or chocolate notes.


Soft washed rind
is rustic with a buttery, melty profile. Serve with a malty amber beer with a touch of sweetness.

Chef's Tips

GOAT CHEESES go well with earthy sides like nuts, apples, and olives.

Serve SOFT BLOOMY RIND OR WASHED RIND CHEESES with pears or sweet pickles.

FIRM CHEESES go well with dry fruits, nuts, mushrooms and pickles.

BLUE CHEESES are divine with honey, figs or roasted red pepper.

Suggesting the perfect beer pairing for a cheesy dish or cheese board is a great way to increase your average eater cheque. You can even add beer pairing suggestions to your menu, or have your staff recommend them on the fly. For more inspiration or product information, contact your representative today.
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