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A practical guide to Ricotta


Ricotta can instantly elevate all kinds of recipes, from savoury dishes to sweet treats. That’s why 10.8% of operators feature Ricotta on their menu,1 typically in dishes like pasta, gnocchi, and pizzas.2

Ricotta is popular with consumers. As its sales have grown by 12% in the last year, it’s a great opportunity to add Ricotta to your menu.3 This versatile ingredient has everything you need to create delicious recipes, from appetizers to desserts, including brunch items and even takeout options.

Three varieties of Ricotta - a range of possibilities

Ricotta has a smooth and creamy texture, and each of our three varieties possesses its own characteristics. They’re offered in several formats specially designed for foodservice operators.

Whole Milk Ricotta: true to tradition

Containing only four ingredients, and no preservatives, our whole milk Ricotta follows the traditional Italian recipe, which explains its rich and authentic taste.

This variety is perfect for operators who want to make the most of the clean label trend, which favours simple ingredients and transparency. 

Whey-Based Ricotta: perfect for cooking

Our whey-based Ricotta has a slightly granular texture. Also, given its high moisture content, it holds up well against heat, making it the ideal ingredient for dishes baked at high temperatures.

Whey-Based Ricotta with cream: for even more texture and moistness

Perfect to add texture and moisture to any dish, our whey-based Ricotta with cream has a particularly soft and luxurious consistency with pleasant fluffy curds.

These two varieties of whey-based Ricotta (with or without cream) also have an extended shelf life.

Adding Ricotta to your menu: Get inspired

Extremely versatile, Ricotta can be incorporated into various types of cuisine and dishes. It finds its way into breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

Desserts and sweet treats

When used cold, Ricotta can enhance any sweet dish, either as a filling or a star ingredient. When making smoothies or parfaits, it can be used as a luscious substitute for several ingredients, elevating the texture and creaminess of the recipe.

This ingredient also adds a decadent touch to desserts, just like in this cherry and Ricotta pie or tiramisu truffle inspiration.

Dips and spreads

Ricotta is also the perfect base for dips. It is easily seasoned and pairs well with crusty bread, crackers, and raw vegetables, like in a labneh, a Lebanese-inspired spread that can be served as an appetizer, a side or a condiment in sandwiches.

Decadent breakfast and brunch options

Ricotta adds a burst of freshness and creaminess to countless offerings. It takes brunch items to the next level, like in this decadent casserole or brunch pizza inspiration.

Traditional recipes

Ricotta is the secret ingredient in classic Italian staples, whether for a pasta dish or a decadent pizza.

What’s more, Ricotta can also be used as a binding agent in gnocchi, substituting the mashed potatoes, to give them a lighter and more tender consistency.

Vegetarian and international-style dishes

Ricotta can be the main feature in a wide range of vegetarian recipes, and this meatless polpette di Ricotta inspiration is the perfect example.

Adding a velvety touch to dishes inspired by international flavours, Ricotta matches various cuisines thanks to its mild and versatile taste profile, like in this reinvented chana masala quesadilla inspiration.

Versatile and ready to use, Ricotta is the perfect ingredient for adding a deliciously luscious twist to almost any recipe. Get in touch with your local Saputo Foodservice representative to find the variety you need.

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2 Technomic Ignite menu data, Q2 2020 to Q2 2021
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