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Pizza Mozzarella cheese: discover our offering


At Saputo we’ve been making mozzarella cheese for more than 65 years using a range of milk-fats and formats to suit each recipe. Our Pizza Mozzarella cheese is perfectly designed for pizza applications. We make two types of Pizza Mozzarella cheese, Stretched and Pressed.

Stretched mozzarella, commonly known Pasta filata – is cooked under hot water and kneaded during the production process, stretching the curds to offer that string like texture. They are offered in 15% to 20% milk fat varieties.

Pressed mozzarella is created just like it sounds, the curds are pressed during the production process, offering an added flavour profile due to a higher fat content compared to stretched mozzarella. They are offered in 27% to 29% milk fat varieties.

Within these two types of mozzarella, we offer a variety of formats for convenience, including blocks, slices, shreds, dices, sticks and IQF.

IQF Pizza Mozzarella cheese

IQF Pizza Mozzarella cheese, is Individually Quick-Frozen stretched mozzarella. Diced or extruded, then instantly frozen to stop the aging process and seal in the freshness.

Offering 100% yield, exceptional performance, ease of use and portion control. IQF diced Pizza Mozzarella cheese is ideal for pizza coverage, while IQF Pizza Mozzarella cheese sticks make for a convenient stuffed crust application.

Saputo is the only producer of IQF Pizza Mozzarella cheese in Canada. Boasting a 365-day shelf life when kept frozen and 7 to 10 days once thawed.

Pay attention to your cheese's age

There are many factors that can affect the performance of Pizza Mozzarella cheese on a pizza, including cook time, oven type, temperature and toppings aside from cheese. One of the most important factors to consider is the age of the cheese.

Young (Under-Aged) Pizza Mozzarella cheese is white and bland with a rubbery texture, easy to shred, but bakes poorly.

Old (Over-Aged) Pizza Mozzarella cheese is soft and pasty, hard to slice and shred, it becomes runny and tends to make pizza greasy.

Optimally aged Pizza Mozzarella cheese will have a smooth fusion of shreds, a nice soft mouthfeel with a clean dairy flavour. Get to know your Pizza Mozzarella cheese life span and its optimal age by connecting with your local Saputo Foodservice representative.

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