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Mascarpone Labneh


Mix Mascarpone cheese with Greek yogurt, olive oil, and lemon juice to create a creamy, slightly sweet and tangy dip that can be served with crusty bread, warm pita wedges, olives, and veggies. It can even be used to add flavour to sandwiches.

Ricotta is a wonderful alternative that creates a similar consistency. Both options offset this traditional side’s bright and sour lemon flavour.

Chef Chris Beall

You can also add a Lebanese twist to your brunch menu with this flavourful dip. Cover a generous spoonful of chickpea stew (pre-soaked chickpeas, de-ribbed Swiss chard, chopped onions, chilies, baharat spice mix and cranberries) with some Mascarpone labneh. Top with two eggs pre-cooked in the stew and a sprinkle of marjoram.


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