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Pizza Bianca with Ricotta


Mix Whole Milk Ricotta with oregano, basil, garlic powder, salt, pepper (or ground chili peppers), plus grated Pecorino Romano cheese. Spread the mixture on a stretched pizza dough, add Pizza Mozzarella Shred cheese, and bake in the oven. Before serving, garnish with minced basil and a drizzle of honey.

In this inspiration, the Whole Milk Ricotta enhances the dish with its rich taste and smooth, silky texture. Since it can withstand the heat, it’s the perfect ally to the elasticity of the Pizza Mozzarella cheese, coming together to offer a decadent experience.

Chef Adelina Sisti-Deblasis

This vegetarian pizza inspiration is incredibly easy to customize! It can be made into a dessert by adding canned peach slices. Adding pancetta is also a quick and easy way to satisfy meat lovers. Foodservice operators looking for ingredients with a longer shelf life can also use whey-based Ricotta.


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