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Whole Milk Ricotta

Format Product Code
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 1 x 8 KG Pail 421122
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 6 x 2,2 KG Bag 1106
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 2 x 2 KG Parchment 1109
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 6 x 1,2 KG Basket 462026
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 12 x 475 G Tub 1103
Saputo Ricotta Light 12 x 475 G Tub 1096
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 8 x 300 G Parchment 1901
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 6 x 300 G Tub 51082
Saputo Ricotta Light 6 x 300 G Tub 51092
Containing only four ingredients and no preservatives, this Ricotta is made with 100% whole milk according to the traditional Italian recipe, giving it an authentic, rich taste and smooth, silky texture. 

Delicious as is whether hot or cold, our whole milk Ricotta can also easily be incorporated into breakfast, dessert, and even pasta sauce recipes.
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Whey Based Ricotta with Cream

Whey-Based Ricotta with Cream

Our whey-based Ricotta with cream has a delicate taste, a rich and creamy texture, and pleasant, fluffy curds. This variety has the highest moisture content and an extended shelf life.

Whey Based Ricotta

Whey-Based Ricotta

This variety of Ricotta has a creamy, slightly granular texture and an extended shelf life. Thanks to its high moisture content, it holds up well when heated, making it the ideal ingredient for dishes baked at high temperatures.



Imported from the Italian region of Lodi and free of added preservatives, this Mascarpone is made from Italian cream and simple ingredients.