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Whole Milk Ricotta

Product Type and Case Format Format Product Code
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 1 x 8 KG Pail 421122
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 6 x 2,2 KG Bag 1106
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 2 x 2 KG Parchment 1109
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 6 x 1,2 KG Basket 462026
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 12 x 475 G Tub 1103
Saputo Ricotta Light 12 x 475 G Tub 1096
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 8 x 300 G Parchment 1901
Saputo Whole Milk Ricotta 6 x 300 G Tub 51082
Saputo Ricotta Light 6 x 300 G Tub 51092
Our classic Ricotta is made with 100% whole milk and no preservatives. It is rich and milky with a silky smooth texture, and can be served hot or cold! Incorporate it into your breakfasts, desserts or even pasta sauces!
421122, 1106, 1109, 462026, 1103, 1901 & 51082: Pasteurized milk, pasteurized cream, salt, lactic acid.

1096 & 51092: Pasteurized partly skimmed milk, modified milk ingredients, salt, lactic acid.

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Available Brands

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Whey-Based Ricotta with Cream

A mild and creamy taste with pleasant, soft and fluffy curds. Our whey-based Ricotta lends itself to a variety of culinary uses – use it as part of your desserts, in your smoothies or pasta sauces!

Whey-Based Ricotta

Soft and versatile with a slightly creamy and granular texture, our whey-based Ricotta is easy to use and perfect in pasta dishes, dips or desserts.


Imported from the Italian region of Lodi and free of added preservatives, this Mascarpone is made from Italian cream and simple ingredients.