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From lasagna to ravioli to cannoli and more, mild and creamy Ricotta is a key ingredient in a variety of classic Italian dishes.

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Whole Milk Ricotta

Classic Ricotta made with 100% whole milk and no preservatives. It is rich and milky with a silky smooth texture. Great to enjoy hot as it is cold! Incorporate it into your breakfast, dessert or even pasta sauce!

Whey-Based Ricotta with Cream

A mild and creamy taste with pleasant, soft and fluffy curds. Our whey-based Ricotta lends itself to a variety of culinary uses – use it as part of your dessert, in your smoothies or pasta sauces!

Whey-Based Ricotta

Soft and versatile with a slightly creamy and granular texture, our whey-based Ricotta is easy to use and perfect in pasta dishes, dips or desserts.


Gnocchi di Ricotta