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A practical guide to Cheddar cheese


Cheddar cheese is Canada’s second most popular cheese1, adding personality to many menu items. As a matter of fact, 49.7% of operators have this cheese on their menu2. This practical guide to Cheddar cheese will let you tap into its potential by offering delectable menu inspirations.

One cheese, an abundance of varieties to choose from

Offered in various formats specially designed for foodservice operators, Cheddar cheese also comes in a wide range of varieties!


  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Old
  • Extra Old
  • Flavoured


  • White
  • Yellow
  • Marble


  • Block
  • Cubes
  • Half Wheel
  • Slices
  • Shreds
  • Curds: Fresh of the day, cold, frozen or individually quick frozen (IQF)

Cheddar cheese flavour and texture

Cheddar cheese has a pleasant, buttery aroma and tends to be firm with a smooth texture. As it ages, its flavour intensifies, and its texture becomes crumblier.

Cheddar cheese can turn any simple dish into an unforgettable experience. Its pleasant, medium-to-sharp hazelnut taste pairs well with a variety of ingredients, allowing chefs’ creativity to bloom.

Adding Cheddar cheese on the menu

As cheese ranks #1 on the consumer craving list3, it’s a great opportunity to add Cheddar cheese to the menu! It’s so versatile that it can be used to create a wide array of recipes for a round-the-clock menu.

31.9% of operators use Cheddar cheese to create pizzas that suit all types of palates4 whether on its own or blended with other cheeses. When baked at high temperatures, ideally between 450 °F and 475 °F, its oil content reduces blistering for a sleek visual appeal. Cheddar cheese can give any pizza that mouth-watering aspect, just like in this All-Star Triple Cheese Pizza inspiration.

Meals with a pop of colour
Younger Cheddar cheese melts well, making it the perfect addition to any sandwich, burger or grilled cheese, such as this Sweet and Savoury Bacon Grilled Cheese inspiration.

Marbled and yellow Cheddar cheese enhances the visual appeal of the most classic meals. It can be used to jazz up tacos and salads.

Comfort food recipes
When used as a topping, old Cheddar cheese enhances the flavour of casseroles and other comfort food recipes. It adds a kick to almost everything, including pastas, calzones and even soups. What’s more, its sharp flavour pairs well with spicy and smoke-flavoured dishes!

Old Cheddar cheese can also boost the flavour of pasta sauces, just like in this tagliolini inspiration.

Sprinkling some shredded extra old Cheddar cheese on a bowl of minestrone soup is also a great way to add a tasty twist to a well-known dish.

Cheese boards
Extra old Cheddar cheese is a must-have for any cheese board! Sweet and salty ingredients such as dried fruits, fruit compote and nuts are a perfect match for a crowd-pleasing platter.

Let’s not forget the heart and soul of any authentic poutine. Delicate, salty and oh-so squeaky, Cheddar cheese curds are in the top 3 most popular and fastest-growing poutine cheeses5. They truly bring this classic dish together!

As you can see, Cheddar cheese is the ideal ingredient to unlock creativity and prepare innovative dishes that will satisfy all tastes. Get in touch with your local Saputo Foodservice representative to find the variety you need.

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