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The All-Dressed Platter


Sometimes, you just need to go all out! This platter includes four of our exceptional cheeses*: sharp Cendrillon, full-bodied Sir Laurier, fruity Cantonnier, and earthy Cendré de Lune. We suggest rounding them out with hearty, spicy sides like prosciutto, salami, capicollo, fig compote, hot pepper jelly, and bacon jam. To drink, a bolder taste would be best, such as a full-bodied Porto wine or a toasty Brown Ale as a peer pairing.

*Le Cendrillon is an ash-covered goat milk semi-soft surface-ripened cheese, the Sir Laurier is a soft surface-ripened cheese with a washed rind, the Cantonnier is a firm surface-ripened cheese with a washed rind., and the Cendré de Lune is an ash-covered cheese.



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