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Specialty Cheese Box

This premium collection of cheeses is designed to make it easy for kitchens to offer cheese platters in a range of sizes and styles. We include a range of cheeses - savoury washed-rind, velvety soft and semi-soft varieties, rich creamy blue cheese and our tangy ash-covered goat cheese.

Specialty Cheese Box

Our premium collection covers every possibility, from washed-rind to soft and semi-soft varieties such as our CendrillonBleubryAged Caprano, Cantonnier, Cendré de Lune, and Sir Laurier. Take full advantage of our premium specialty cheese collection by creating six separate cheese platters, or 12 platters with three cheeses each. Either way, our Specialty Cheese Box is a flexible and handy option that will please refined palates and satisfy all tastes.


Specialty Cheese Platter