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Imported Cheeses

Through exclusive relationships with cheese suppliers worldwide, we import original and origin-relevant specialty cheeses that complement our products and will elevate any menu.

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Bella Lodi

Made from carefully selected farm milk in Lodi, Italy, and aged for a minimum of 16 months, our hard-ripened cheese has a black rind that gives it an exclusive, savoury yet nutty flavour. This cheese is also lactose-free!

​Blue Cheese Crumbles

Imported from the United-States, this blue-veined cheese made from cow's milk is aged for at least 60 days. Offered in crumbles for high yields, little mess and ease of use.

Cheddar cheese with Champagne flavour

This exquisite Cheddar cheese with Champagne flavour is imported from England.


This sheep's milk, firm surface-ripened cheese imported from France has a sweet finish, a pale yellow interior, and an aroma of brown butter and roasted nuts.


Imported from Italy, this blue-veined cheese made from cow's milk has won several international awards due to the skills and expertise of the master cheesemaker, Arrigoni. 

Grana Padano

Our Grana Padano cheese is made in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is a granular hard-ripened cheese that is aged for 12 months to achieve its mild, delicately decadent flavour. This cheese is also lactose-free!


This sheep's milk firm ripened cheese is imported from Spain and is aged to achieve a supple, moist texture and fruity flavour notes.


Imported from the Italian region of Lodi and free of added preservatives, this Mascarpone is made from Italian cream and simple ingredients.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Aged for at least 24 months and produced in the Parma region of Italy, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is hard-ripened and often referred to as the "King of Parmesan." Its rich, nutty taste derives from its milk, which comes from cows fed on a diet of alfalfa. This cheese is also lactose-free!

Paysan Breton Brie

Produced in the Brittany region of France, this brie cheese made from pasteurized milk has a white rind and a sweet, creamy taste.

Pecorino Romano

Imported from Italy, made from sheep's milk and aged for a minimum of five months, our Pecorino Romano cheese has a delicious zesty taste that adds a distinct touch to your dish.

Provolone Valpadana Dolce DOP

The Provolone Valpadana Dolce DOP is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk and whose origins lie in Southern Italy. Provolone Valpadana is granted DOP designation by the European Union to ensure that cheese is produced under strict supervision using specific methods to guarantee supreme quality.

Butternut Squash Carbonara

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