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Sour Cream and Feta Caesar Dressing


The addition of sour cream makes for an even more delicious Caesar dressing. 14% sour cream is the ideal rich base, providing a thick, creamy texture that helps the ingredients blend together. Plus, its tangy taste is the perfect backdrop for all of the other flavours to shine! This remixed dressing incorporates many classic Caesar elements, like anchovies, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, black pepper, and garlic, alongside inventive ingredients like feta cheese, parsley, and soy sauce. It’s a salty celebration!

Chef Scott Brown

This dressing is surprisingly versatile. Add more soy sauce and ginger to make an Asian-inspired blend, or a mix of sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs for a Provence-style dressing. You can also try making a Caesar fettuccine by transforming this dressing into a pasta sauce!


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