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Hearty Grain Salad with Bocconcini and Parmesan


This loaded arugula salad inspiration is all about bold, hearty flavours that contrast and complement each other. On the veggie side, reach for robust ingredients like grilled broccoli and roasted squash, then brighten them up with fresh dill and mint. Cooked farro grains can make any salad more filling and nutritious, and a lemon-dijon sour cream dressing is equal parts rich and fresh. To top this salad off, we recommend a winning combo of Bocconcini cheese for freshness and texture, plus shaved Parmesan cheese for sharpness and character.

Chef Chris Beall

This salad is more of a starter or side dish. Add in some grilled chicken to make it a full meal, and swap the grilled squash for fresh mango to transform it into a summer salad!


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