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Grilled Salmon Salad with Crumbled Feta


Creative salads are the foundation of a colourful, flavourful menu that’s lean on ingredients and great for takeout and delivery. This inspiration combines grilled salmon with cauliflower florets and hearty tabbouleh that’s infused with veggies and herbs (think tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, and mint), both of which are brightened up with a squeeze of lemon juice. Top this Mediterranean-inspired combo with some dill dressing (lemon juice, dill, shallots, sugar, honey, olive oil, dry white wine, salt, and pepper) and feta cheese to create an exceptionally complex flavour profile that’s still light on its feet!

Remove the salmon to instantly transform this meal salad into an appetizer or side! For delivery, keep the salmon and the dressing in separate containers so they don’t alter the other ingredients’ temperatures or textures.


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