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Savoury Bleubry Shrimp Roll


Seafood and cheese are surprisingly good friends! This shrimp roll is made deliciously decadent with salty, delicate Bleubry cheese, which is a hybrid of melty Brie and punchy blue cheese. With the saltiness of the shrimp and Bleubry combined, diners will be in savoury heaven. Shrimp rolls can be ready in a flash: combine celery, scallions, mayonnaise, dill, lemon juice, paprika, shrimps and diced Bleubry. Then top load them in a potato bun, and you have a take-out ready sandwich.

Chef Adrian Forte

Chef Forte’s recipe inspiration is all about textures. Toasting the sandwich creates a crispy texture that perfectly complements the melty side of Bleubry, which in turn adds incredible creaminess to the shrimp salad.


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