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Chicken Parmigiana Burger with Fior di Latte


Mix things up by making your chicken parmigiana with some Fior di Latte and then transforming it into a burger! This recipe idea incorporates a lot of beloved staples, from rich marinara sauce to irresistible garlic buttered bread. Fry patties made from ground chicken, shredded Grana Padano cheese, herbs and breadcrumbs. Then simmer them in marinara sauce and melt a thick slice of Fior di Latte cheese on top. Toast buns with garlic butter, place a spoonful of sauce on the bottom bun and then the patty. Finish by topping with basil and arugula.

Chef Chris Beall

Using ground chicken to make patties instead of a breaded chicken cutlet makes this dish more “burger-like.” According to Chef Beall, it also allows the dish to travel much better as a take-out or delivery item.


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