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Foodservice predictions to look out for in 2023

Curious to know which trends will come out on top in 2023? We asked top industry chefs to weigh in on what to expect in the coming year.

Chef Carmelo Vadacchino’s 2023 predictions: comfort food meets international flavours

Chef Carmelo Vadacchino predicts a strong return of Mexican influenced flavours on the menus, with added global cuisine options on popular staples, such as nachos and quesadillas.

He also predicts a return to a more welcoming and warm customer service. In his opinion, diners will favour customer-focused establishments that offer comfort food in a cozy setting.

Chef Carmelo Vadacchino

Corporate Chef / Brand Ambassador /
Member of Culinary Team Canada

Upcoming trends according to Chef Beall: better dine-in experience & take-out options

Chef Beall believes that online ordering systems will become more prominent in casual and upscale-casual dining restaurants.

Not only do younger generations value the autonomy that technology provides, but it also allows both parties to save time. By relieving employees of simple tasks, such as punching-in orders, they can focus on upselling and making recommendations, and building customer loyalty.

Chef Chris Beall

Chef and Restaurant Consultant

Chef Brown’s expectations for 2023: the rise of solo dining and automation

According to Chef Brown, more and more people will choose to dine solo, and restaurateurs will accommodate these diners by providing extra counter seats. The hashtags #SoloDate and #DiningAlone respectively grossed over 121M and 9M views on TikTok alone.

He also predicts that automation will become more prevalent in 2023 thanks to more advanced robotic apps and the rise of AI.

Chef Scott Brown

President of DevChef, Expert in Product Development

For Chef Franklin,it’s all about Middle Eastern flavours

According to Chef Franklin, Middle Eastern flavours are expected to take the industry by storm with menu options like kibbeh, labneh and falafels.

He also anticipates an increase in smaller seasonal menus offering better prices and higher-quality ingredients.

Chef David Franklin

Professional Chef and Consultant in culinary sales

Chef Sisti-DeBlasis places her bet onthe zero-waste trend and delivery apps

Chef Sisti-DeBlasis expects restaurants to hop on the zero-waste trend to counter rising food costs, and cater to environmentally conscious customers.

She also says that food delivery apps will become increasingly popular with both consumers and restaurateurs.

Chef Adelina Sisti-DeBlasis

Culinary Teacher, Caterer, and Owner of Adelina’s Cuisine

Chef Jonathan Thauberger saysit’s all about a return to basics

For chef Thauberger, 2023 will be a year defined by simplicity. By working with fewer ingredients, he thinks operators will find it easier to focus on quality.

Highlighting the core components of each dish will be a strength, whether it is a cheese, seasonal vegetables, or a meat.

Chef Jonathan Thauberger

Chef and Managing Partner at Crave Kitchen and Wine Bar, member of Culinary Team Canada

Unanimous prediction: plant-based options will be hitting menus in full force

All chefs agree: vegan menu items will be a must in 2023, especially since vegan lifestyles are gaining momentum.

Restaurants will offer more innovative plant-based options like meatless or lactose-free pizzas, and flavourful vegan dishes.


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Gnocchi with Gorgonzola

Gnocchi with Gorgonzola

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Spiced kibbeh with edam

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