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Loaded Carrot Dog with Edam


This creative inspiration starts with a grilled marinated carrot covered with shredded Edam cheese and sauerkraut. The Edam cheese’s mild nutty flavour will perfectly complement the umami marinated carrot and the sauerkraut. Top with grilled red onions, a final drizzle of green goddess dressing with chopped chives and voilà – you’ve got a delicious meatless hot dog. 

Go one step beyond: To make the marinade, mix canola oil, light soy sauce, vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, Dijon mustard, and steak spices. Marinate your carrots for 24 hours.

Chef Scott Brown


Turn this creative inspiration into a meal kit by pre-grilling the carrot and packaging the toppings separately for at-home assembly.


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