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Cran-Bucha Fizz


Gin and kombucha are well-loved in urban food scenes like Montreal. Start by mixing dry gin, cranberry kombucha, and ginger beer. To enhance it further with some unique citrus notes, add a touch of basil infused clementine honey water for a perfect balance. Garnish with a skewer of sliced Cantonnier Smoked Flavour cheese, pickled ginger, a clementine wedge, dried cranberry, and basil. The cheese’s subtle smoky flavor and creamy texture is a perfect complement to this unique drink’s complexity.

Chef Scott Brown

To make the homemade syrup, boil water and honey, then infuse the clementine zest, fresh basil leaves, and ginger. Once the mixture has cooled down, keep it in a jar so it continues to infuse.


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Cran-Bucha Fizz