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Foodservice inspirations: assemble a show-stopping cheese board in minutes

Cheese boards are among the top ten most popular appetizers on Canadian menus,1 allowing many operators to access new revenue streams. They’re quick to make and can easily be customized, making them the perfect happy hour menu option.

Crafting a sophisticated and delectable cheese board is a great way to satisfy customers. Showcase your creativity by offering cheese options with contrasting textures and flavours along with a mix of popular garnishes like nuts, grapes, olives and chutney. You can also increase your restaurant’s average cheque by proposing beer and wine options that pair well with your cheese selection, thus creating a thoughtfully curated experience that highlights your attention to detail.

Olivia Janse, Saputo's Innovation Director Olivia Janse, Saputo’s Innovation Director, shares her tips on how to elevate your menu with three quick-to-prepare boards featuring some of the most exceptional cheeses on the market. Be sure to include some of our prize-winning options to keep your customers coming back for more!

& Easy
Cheese Pairings
Bleubry Blue Cheese Blue Cheese
Cendré de Lune Ash Covered Cheese Ash Covered Cheese
Aged Caprano Goat Cheese Goat Cheese
3 pairing options
Stout Beer Stout Beer

Its cacao notes pair well with all three cheeses

Portuguese or Greek wine Portuguese or Greek wine

The floral notes serve as a palate cleanser between each bite of cheese.

Bourgogne Pinot Noir Bourgogne Pinot Noir

Its delicate notes won’t overpower the cheeses’ flavours.

Board Garnishes

Chutney, date jam, fresh figs, prosciutto, and walnut bread.

SIr Laurier
Soft Washed Rind Cheese
le Cendrillon Goat Cheese
Cathedral city Mature Cheddar Cheese
3 pairing options
IPA Beer IPA Beer

Its higher alcohol content will balance out the flavour complexity of each cheese.

Slightly off-dry Pinot Grigio or California Zinfandel Slightly off-dry Pinot Grigio or California Zinfandel

Their fruity notes are a perfect match for these cheeses.

Crémant de Bourgogne Crémant de Bourgogne

This wine’s effervescence and brioche notes complement the cheeses’ rich flavours.

Board Garnishes

Caramelized onion or red onion chutney, honey, white grapes, dry sausage such as the Rosette de Lyon, and crispy baguette.

Cantonnier Firm Washed Rind Cheese
le pleine Lune Ash Covered Cheese
3 pairing options
Pilsner Beer Pilsner Beer

Fresh and light, it counterbalances the cheeses’ saltiness.

Chardonnay Chardonnay

The moderate acidity of this oily, full-body wine matches the cheeses’ buttery aroma.

Californian Merlot Californian Merlot

Soft and approachable, this wine’s black fruit notes pair wonderfully well with these cheeses.

Board Garnishes

Baba ghanoush, Kalamata olives, chorizo, and crispy pita bread.

Expert Tips to make the perfect cheese board
1 Quantity
30g to 60g of cheese per person.
2 Variety
Try adding cheeses with different textures, fl avour intensities, colours and types of milk (cow or goat).
3 Know your cuts!
Each cheese offers a different texture, and therefore presents differently when cut! Find out everything you need to know about the proper cuts in our specialty cheese guide (p. 68).
Charcuterie Board

Cheese boards can easily be adapted to fit your current drink offering and on-hand garnishes, allowing you to tap into the demand for sophisticated shared plates. The only limit is your imagination!

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1 Technomic, Ignite Menu Data, Q1 2022

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